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Beautiful but Rare 2016 Tuscan Olive Oils

For the complete list of oils available individually, please scroll down. But before you do that, please consider the following sets, which deliver the same oils but at special discounted prices. You can read the whole story on the 2016 vintage here.

We also have some heirloom beans available from Sàgona, which are heavenly when simply prepared and garnished with olive oil.

All Olive Oil & Bean orders will be invoiced separately from wine orders. Shipping will be quick and easy, within 2 business days of confirmation, at special low flat rate: $10/6-pack within California and $20/6-pack in the rest of the Continental U.S.

Note: The fastest way to order and be confirmed is to use the web form below, but were also available by phone between 9am and 5pm PST M-Fnote that wait times will be longer during Olive Oil season!

The Sets

The 2016 Tuscan Oil 6-pack

2 bts each of Vetrice & Prunatelli
1 bt each of Sàgona Orciaia & Sàgona “Oliveto”

$145.00 6-pack

(reg. $165.65)

*Please Call (415) 319-9000 for availability


The Mother Lode

Two Explorer Cases, Two Moraiolo Sets & One Il Poggione Set at a Special Package Price. 
33 bottles of blue chip 2016 Tuscan olive oil

Sold Out. Please call (415) 319-9000 from 9am-5pm, M-F, and we will be happy to put together a custom Mother Lode for you.

Il Poggione Pack

Three 1-liter bottles of Il Poggione

$98.00 3-pack

(reg. $107.85)

*Please Call (415) 319-9000 for availability


A Feast of Moraiolo Pack

1 bt each of Franci Moraiolo, Pruneti Moraiolo & Sàgona Orciaia

Sold Out. Please call (415) 319-9000 from 9am-5pm, M-F, and we will be happy to put together a custom Moraiolo pack for you.

The Individual Oils

Please note: If an oil does not appear in the list below, please call us at (415) 319-9000 between 9am-5pm, M-F, for availability.

Item Name Notes Qty Price
Please Call (415) 319-9000 for Availability

Note: All bottles are 500 ml unless otherwise indicated.

Heirloom Beans

In 2013, we introduced you to the tiny Sàgona estate. Nestled high in the mountains of Eastern Tuscany—at about 500 meters above sea level—it is roughly the same altitude as the Grati estate in Rufina or Carnasciale.

Sàgona’s claim to olive oil fame is its priceless collection of 100-year-old olive trees in the Pratomagno mountains, on the eastern bank of the Arno River. But it also the site of a project to bring back several varieties of nearly extinct Tuscan beans, including the famed Fagioli Zolfini; the rare Cece Piccino del Pratomagno, a tiny variety of chick pea; and diminutive blackeyed peas called Fagioli dall’Ochio Nero.

For all of this, we have young Daniele Corrotti to thank. His tireless work follows a centuries old tradition where, in addition to growing olives, local farmers have endured the back-breaking work of growing its famed indigenous varieties of beans.

Grown on rocky terraces about 200 meters above the olive trees, the beans were threatened with extinction, but thanks to Daniele and others (working with the University of Florence), they are making a small comeback, with the work still all done by hand.

Reflecting the conditions, each of these beans is far smaller than what we’re used to. The Cece are about half the size of our chickpeas. But their small size gives them the incredible texture that makes them perfect in soups and with pasta. The Zolfino beans look like cannellini but, again, they’re about half the size. Slow cooked until al dente, and dressed with just olive oil and perhaps rosemary, they are heavenly. And the tiny black-eyed peas could give any Southern U.S. black-eye pea a run for its money.

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