1996 Jasmin Cote-Rotie 750 mL

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John Livingstone-Learmonth - Drink Rhone

“The bouquet has reached a varied stage, mixing evolution but still some good life ... a floral surround that is typical Côte-Rôtie. Mid-weight palate, a wine with its own sinew and nerve ... Nice to drink solo, actually, which is a surprise for an aged wine, but in keeping with the acidity and fresh nature of this vintage. Burgundian shape here, nothing too obvious.”

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1999 Jasmin Cote-Rotie JLL**** 1 $159.95 add
1999 Jasmin Cote-Rotie 1.5 L JLL**** 1 $325.00 add
2005 Jasmin Cote-Rotie JRJLL****(*) 6 $125.00 add
2005 Jasmin Cote-Rotie 1.5 L JRJLL****(*) 2 $250.00 add
2012 Jasmin Cote-Rotie JR93 12+ $59.95 add

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