Rarest, old Balsamic Vinegars

An Unforgettable Foodie Gift

Were famed for our wines, but quite a few people also know us for our very old Balsamicos, made by the great vinegar-making families of Modena, Italy.

As you’re poring over your holiday gift list, you might give some thought to these wonderful concoctions, which range in age from 12 to over 100 years. They are as versatile as they are rare and luscious, and they’re all made by Modena’s leading artisan producer, Acetaia del Cristo.

In short, they easily classify as a gift that keeps giving.

Our Holiday Gift to You
Now, here’s where it really gets good. If we receive your order by the close of business on Friday 12/7, 5P.M. Pacific Time—we’ll include Free Expedited Shipping to any address within the Continental US.

Considering that our prices for these rarities is already far lower than anyone else’s, that’s a pretty good deal.

But be warned that quantities are very limited.

All of balsamico bottles are 100ml.

For more information about all things Balsamico, please read our extensive write-up here.

The 12-year-old Set

While most of Modena’s producers age their vinegars in batteries of mixed woods, Acetaia del Cristo produces a few hundred bottles each year of vinegars aged entirely in single-wood barrels. And of course the most exciting examples are aged in woods that impart unique flavors, such as Cherry, Chestnut and Mulberry.

Contains one bottle each of Cherry, Chestnut and Mulberry, each aged a minimum of 12 years in barrel.

*Please Call (415) 319-9000 for availability


The Venerable Set

Traditional Balsamico is all about age. It is the very long time in barrels that gives them their astonishing complexity and their otherworldly texture. And the longer in wood, the greater the vinegar.

This set ramps up the age to 25 to 50 years. Two of the vinegars spent a minimum of 25 years in barrel—one in a classic mixed-wood battery and the other in pure Cherry barrels. The final vinegar in the set—the coveted Black Diamond—spent more than a half century in barrels of different woods.

Contains one bottle each of 25-year-old Extravecchio, 25-year-old Cherry and 50-year-old Black Diamond.

*Please Call (415) 319-9000 for availability


The Ancient Ones

Selezione della Nonna  $295.00  Made from three barrels dating back to 1885, 1890 and 1908. Each year, just 30 bottles are taken from this ancient battery. Incredibly smooth and explosively scented.

*Please Call (415) 319-9000 for availability


Selezione Paradiso $295.00  From an ancient battery of barrels whose origins are now lost in the mists of history. Intriguingly, the aceto bacteria that have inhabited this battery for more than century are an entirely different strain from that of Nonna. A masterpiece of richness and power, with deep roasted notes of sweet caramel. Again, just 30 bottles are year are drawn. 


Selezione Amelia  $295.00  As old and sweet as Nonna and Paradiso, Selezione Amelia may be even more of a head-turner. Always drawn from the same tiny, ancient barrel. Just 12 bottles per year. Primordially viscous. Fabulous. 

*Please Call (415) 319-9000 for availability


All of balsamico bottles are 100ml.

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