Simply put, in the 27 years since we began offering antique decanters in 1993, we have never seen a line-up at the level of this year's. 

Of the 42 decanters or pairs we're offering, 31 date from 1850 or earlier, and 17 are from the 18th century! The level of craftsmanship and beauty is also extraordinary, with each decanter hand-blown and hand-engraved in either England, Ireland or France.

And, as always, each decanter has been curated by one of the UK’s foremost antique glass experts, Andrew Burne. Each decanter is accompanied by a highly detailed and informative letter of authentication from Andrew.

The complete catalog, with pictures and descriptions, is available here.  All decanters are 750ml bottle size unless noted.

How to Request
We always receive more requests for decanters than we can satisfy, and we expect the response this year to be particularly strong. Therefore, we ask you to let us know not only your first choice, but also up to three alternates in order of preference. We will probably have to limit all customers to a single decanteror pair of matched decanters. But if you'd like multiples, please tell us.

You should expect to hear from us no later than Monday with what we can confirm. And, as always, we will do the best we can for you.

All decanters are available for delivery the week of December 9th. To ensure your decanter(s) are handled safely and to minimize the risk of damage in transit, all decanters will ship via 2nd day service at a very special rate of $30 per decanter, fully insured. An upgrade to Overnight shipping is available for an additional $15 per decanter. Rates are doubled for pairs of decanters.




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