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The Cream
of the 2019 Tuscan Olive Oil Harvest

Please find below our 2019 order form.  You can also read the whole story on the 2019 vintage here.

All Olive Oil orders will ship separately from wine orders. If we receive your order by noon PDT, Friday March 27th, we will do our best to ship it the week of March 30th.

Note: The fastest way to order and be confirmed is to use the web form below. If you're not able to place an order online, we'd appreciate it if you would email sales@rarewineco.com rather than call. Our sales team is working from home, but they have direct access to all the information needed to confirm orders.



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The Mother Lode

Contains One x 6-bt Rufina Assortment
One x 6-bt Chianti Classico & Beyond Assortment
Two Grati 3-Packs, One Agostina Pieri 3-Pack
Three btls each of Franci Grand Cru & Carnasciale
Two bonus btls each of Pruneti Moraiolo, Pruneti Frantoio & Melograno
Three bonus btls of Franci Villa Magra

$879.00 36-pack
(reg. $1142.20)




1 bt each of Selvapiana Vasca #2, Vetrice Vasca #3A, Colognole “Mons Iovis” Vasca #2,
Frascole "Ventaio", Prunatelli
& Monte Vasca #3

$149.95 6-pack
(reg. $170.70)


Chianti & Beyond

1 bt each of Melograno, Pruneti Frantoio, Pruneti Moraiolo, Sàgona Leccino, Sàgona & Franci Villa Magra "Riserva di Famigila"
$157.50 6-pack
(reg. $178.70)



Il Carnasciale

1 500ml bottle
$39.95 bottle



Agostina Pieri


3 one-liter bottles
$99 3-pack





3 500ml bottles
$79.95 3-pack



Franci Villa Magra
Grand Cru

1 500ml bottle
$39.95 bottle


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