For more than a quarter century, The Rare Wine Co. has earned a devoted following for our best-in-class Tuscan olive oils.

Since our first harvest in 1995, we haven't just guaranteed our clients single-estate oils. We've also focused on oils from individual groves (oliveti), varieties, and pressings. And we were very likely the first American oil importers to ship exclusively in temperature-controlled containers, as we do our wines.

Each fall, we're in the olive groves of Tuscany, tasting through scores of pressings at the region's best estates. While other importers are content phoning in their order for an innocuous blend of all the year's pressings, we pounce on the year's single best pressing, from a single olive grove and often a single olive variety.

It's no wonder Ed Behr in the authoritative Art of Eating called us "surely the best American source for fine Tuscan olive oil." It's also no wonder hundreds of Rare Wine Co. clients buy at least a case or two of Tuscan olive oil from us each year... and buy only from us. Many clients don't hesitate to age the oils, finding them even better in the second year.

With 28 harvest now under our belt – and our palates guided by our even greater experience with wine – we have a perspective other oil importers don't, resulting in oils that are another level from what's generally available in the market.

They're as carefully selected as our wines. And they've also been proclaimed a culinary godsend by publications ranging from The New York Times to the Wine Spectator.

For a limited time, we are offering any 3 bottles of your choosing from the very fine 2022 harvest for just $99, including free shipping.

Choose from any three oils from the list below the photo, add to cart, and we will make final pricing adjustments upon order confirmation. 

All bottles are 500mL in size. You'll find tasting notes at the bottom of the page. 

Available Oils:

Description Notes Avail/
2023 2023 Eastern & Western Tuscany Olive Oil 3-pack 500 mL O $95.00 add
2023 2023 Central Tuscany Olive Oil 3-pack 500 mL 12+ $95.00 add
2023 2023 Central Tuscany Olive Oil 6-pack 500 mL 5 $175.00 add

Notes on the Oils:

2022 Prunatelli Extra Virgin Olive Oil
The Grati family harvested this oil the first week of November, making it a throwback to the 1990s, when they never picked before November 1st. The olives for this oil come from a single grove with a full-south exposure at 400 meters elevation. As is typical for Prunatelli, the palate is slightly gentler and rounder than other Grati oils, with green olive, sous-bois and clove on the palate and black pepper in the finish.

2022 Pruneti Leccino Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Pruneti is one of Tuscan's most admired growers. This oil, made entirely of Leccino olives, was harvested on October 23rd. A very expressive example of Leccino, it boasts a floral bouquet with orange blossom, wheatgrass, and thyme. On the palate, the flavors are green and fresh – lime zest, green almond flavors with supporting bitterness and a saline edge. The finish isn't aggressive, but heat builds with time.

2022 Colognole Mons Iovis Extra Virgin Olive Oil
At Colognole’s lofty perch 600 meters above sea level, the olive trees completely shut down from heat and drought in July and August, only to begin to ripen their fruit again at the beginning of September. This year’s low-yield pressing from October 27th is dominated by Frantoio olives, which produce the green notes of artichoke and cardoon in the bouquet. On the palate, the oil is classically structured, with a very spicy finish.

2022 Pruneti Frantoio Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Paolo and Gionni’s mono-varietal oil from Frantoio olives was picked and pressed on October 25th. It is luminescent green, with a brooding bouquet of artichoke, tree bark and bitter almond. Flavors are bold and direct with notes of freshly chopped bitter herbs and a black pepper intensity that carries through in the finish.

2022 Franci Le Trebbiane Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Harvested by Franci, arguably Italy's most famous oil producer, on a single day, October 25th, this unique, single-variety oil features chicory and artichoke on the nose. On the palate, green with a leafy undertone and a long spicy finish.

2022 Fonte di Foiano "1979" Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Harvested on a single day, October 9th, this is the signature oil of Michaele di Gaetano. It's made entirely from Leccio di Corno, a local variety known for its relatively small, green  olives. It has a bouquet reminiscent of freshly cut flowers, oregano, and sage, but on the palate, it's green with a balsamic intensity and powerful finish.

2022 Fonte di Foiano Toscana Extra Virgin Olive Oil
The Fonte di Foiano estate is just south of Bolgheri on the coast. Because the estate was largely spared the destruction of the 1985 freeze, the property boasts trees up to 1000 years old. This particular bottling was pressed early, on October 15th, and it features a majority of Frantoio and Morellino olives, co-milled with 20% Leccino. The oil itself has a vibrant, green bouquet of freshly chopped herbs and chicory. Fruity and generous on the palate, it has a classic Tuscan edge, and moderate spiciness on the finish.

2022 Il Carnasciale Extra Virgin Olive Oil
The Carnasciale estate, on a plateau overlooking the Arno River south of Florence, is famous for two things: its vaunted wine named “Il Caberlot” and its olive oil, which stands out for both its quality and its handsome ceramic bottle. The oil comes largely from Frantoio trees planted in the 1860s. The nose of this medium-green oil is largely floral, with sweet tobacco and thyme notes. On the palate, flavors of Jerusalem artichoke and black pepper lead to a long peppery finish.

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