Barolo in 3D.

For Barolo lovers, a life-changer. Alessandro Masnaghetti's epic research all comes together in a 26.5" x 36" frame.


What's left to be said or written about Alessandro Masnaghetti's maps and books on Barolo? They've dramatically expanded our knowledge of the region and its wines, helping us to understand why this area produces Italy's greatest red wines.

Perhaps the only thing left has been to turn his unrivaled knowledge into an intuitive and visually exciting form that you can hang on your wall, allowing you to feel and touch every valley and hillside.

And so his 3D map of Barolo was born. And the very first framed copies will arrive in the U.S. this coming spring. (Gift cards are available now if you want to give one as a gift.)

Miraculous Detail
This transcendent map clearly delineates each of Barolo's villages and crus, with unprecedented insights into the soils and geology that separate one area from another, explaining, for example, why the Barolos of Serralunga are so distinctive from those of La Morra.

The map's frame is roughly 26.5″ x 36″, and the map itself is drawn at a scale of 1 to 18,000.

These maps are expected to arrive in this country spring 2019 and to be available for shipping at that time.

The Companion Book
The map's incredible detail is based on the 2nd edition of Alessandro's pioneering book, Barolo MGA Vol. 1. If you didn't already buy the book in our September pre-sale, you'll want to now, as its exploration of soils and geology provides invaluable context for the 3D map.

This fall, we sold out of our first shipment of the book. But we're accepting orders now for the second shipment, which arrives this spring. The price is $89.95.

Alessandro Masnaghetti’s work has been praised by journalists and publications ranging from Antonio Galloni and Jancis Robinson to John Gilman and the Wine Spectator. His vineyard maps have been called the finest ever created and his books demonstrate that he is just as skilled with prose as he is with vineyard mapping.

The Barolo 3D framed wall map carries his work to new heights. 

Barolo 3D Framed Wall Map*  $175


Barolo MGA Vol. 1, 2nd Edition: The Barolo Great Vineyard Encyclopedia* $89.95



*Arrival & shipment expected Spring 2019

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