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(Unlike most of our offers, this sale is first come, first served.)

Make sure you’re set up to order online.

If you haven’t already, check here to verify that your account is set up online. (If you have trouble, please call us ASAP, but well before the sale begins, so we have time to help you.)  

2. Refresh this page promptly at 10 am PST/1 pm EST

(you’re in the right spot but need to refresh to see the sale!) 

3. As you see wines you want, put them in your basket. 

4. Secure them by clicking this button:

(Even though items may be in your basket, they’re not reserved for you until you click the above button and receive an on-screen acknowledgement.)

5. You may submit as many Requests
as you like until you’re done ordering. 

After submitting a Request, and receiving an on-screen acknowledgement, click the following button to return to the list and shop for more wines.

6. That’s it!

Since we have your billing and shipping preferences on file, there’s NO checkout. We’ll be back to you later tomorrow with final confirmation.

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