A Chablis Icon’s Red Rarity

Vincent Dauvissat’s impossible-to-find Irancy Rouge

For lovers of thrillingly transparent Chablis, Vincent Dauvissat’s wines are unequaled unless, of course, you’re prepared to pay 2 to 3 times as much for Raveneau.

Yet, Vincent also makes a wine that can’t be had from Raveneau at any price, because they don’t make one: the ultra-rare Dauvissat Irancy Rouge.

It’s so scarce that—despite being avid buyers and sellers of Vincent’s breathtaking Chablis for the past two decades—we had never even seen a bottle until several years ago.

But a friend in Paris opened a bottle for us and, while it was a completely new Dauvissat experience, all the hallmarks of the master were present—purity, expressiveness and profoundly transparent of its place of origin. Above all, it was beautifully textured and delicious.

Once we’d tasted Vincent’s Irancy, we began buying it whenever we saw it. This was mostly in France, and even there it proved incredibly difficult. But now, after several years of hunting and buying, we’ve accumulated three stellar vintages, 2011, 2012 and 2013. We are pleased to offer them as a mixed six pack at the very low price of $275.

Brilliance in Both Colors
Dauvissat began working with a half-hectare of Pinot Noir vines in Irancy, a few miles southwest of Chablis, about a dozen years ago. While nearly as far north as Vincent’s home village, Irancy’s vines are sheltered in an amphitheater of Kimmeridgian marl and brown clay, bringing its Pinot to full ripeness as Chablis’ more open slopes never could.

Given Vincent’s dictum “the terroir is everything,” he must have seen great potential in this tiny plot. And our experience demonstrates that he has brought all of his considerable gifts to bear on this endeavor to realize as pure an expression of site as possible.

But that is just what we would expect from this brilliant, yet humble and courageous, vigneron. Vincent could easily have simply continued to make some of the greatest white wines on the planet, yet he chose to try his hand with red wine as well, willing to take the risk to see what was possible.

And, as with his Chablis, it easily transcends the others of its appellation.

If you’ve ever wondered what red wine from one of Chablis’ two greatest producers would be like, here it is, and at a price remarkably reasonable for its quality and rarity. But with such small quantities available, please understand that these are very limited.

Dauvissat Irancy Rouge 6-Pack

Contains 2 bts each of 2011, 2012 & 2013

$275.00 6-pack

*Please Call (415) 319-9000 for availability


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