Madeiras in Aid of Houston

Supporting our neighbors in times of need is part of the American character. And with the residents of Houston facing overwhelming challenges in recovering from Hurricane Harvey, we at The Rare Wine Co. have been looking for a way to do our part.

For us, there could be no more appropriate way than by donating proceeds from our Historic Series Madeiras, particularly the five wines named for coastal American cities where Madeira once was the King of Wines: Savannah Verdelho, Charleston Sercial, Baltimore Rainwater, New York Malmsey and Boston Bual.

For the next two weeks, 50% of the proceeds from the retail sale of these Madeiras will be shared equally between the United Way of Greater Houston and the Houston Food Bank.

Whether you buy a single bottle for $49.95, your choice of any three bottles for $140, or your choice of any six bottles for $250, you will be helping those most in need.

Just use the code HARVEY at checkout when placing your order and well take of the rest.

The Historic Series Madeiras

Since these evocative wines were introduced to America 15 years ago, they’ve set a lofty new standard for what Madeira can be. Twenty years ago, I’d typically pour myself a mature vintage Madeira in the evening. But these days I’m just as happy drinking a glass of Savannah Verdelho or Boston Bual.

Made for us by the brilliant Ricardo Freitas of Barbeito, they relate to the styles of Madeira popular in different cities 150 years ago. And because a hefty part of each blend contains wines 60+ years old, they offer weight and complexity belying their modest prices.

Earlier this year, The New York Times’ Eric Asimov called The Rare Wine Co. “unrivaled in its efforts to revive Madeira in the United States,” and these were the wines responsible for bringing Madeira back into the limelight:

Charleston Sercial has become the Madeira of choice in top Low Country restaurants because of its bracing dryness and its versatility with food.

Savannah Verdelho is richer and darker with the chocolatey pungence of well-aged Verdelho.

The quintessentially elegant Boston Bual features a cinnamon-clove-allspice nuance, while the most popular and ambrosial wine of the series, New York Malmsey, delivers a kaleidoscopic knockout punch with its flavors of espresso, figs, dates and molasses.

Finally, Baltimore Rainwater has rescued from oblivion the style of Madeira that early Americans prized most. Ethereally delicate, it is the perfect way to start an evening.

So, for the next two weeks, choose between Savannah Verdelho, Charleston Sercial, Baltimore Rainwater, New York Malmsey orBoston Bual at ...

$49.95 btl
$140.00 any three bottles (your choice)
$250.00 any six bottles (your choice)

... and one-half of every dollar you spend on these wines will be shared equally between the United Way of Greater Houston and the Houston Food Bank.

Add any of the items below to your cart and simply use the code HARVEY at checkout. We will apply the correct discount and make sure that one-half of what you spend goes to help Harvey victims.

Thank you for your support.

Mannie Berk
President, The Rare Wine Co.

The Madeiras

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