Belluga caviar may be the Western world’s most precious food and Saffron its most expensive. But for sheer sensuousness, nothing can surpass Piemonte’s egg tagliolini, cut into thin ribbons by one of the region’s storied pastamakers, dressed simply with butter and, when the planets align, shaved white truffle.

During one of our annual trips to the Langhe, we discovered a small miracle: an artisanal producer who packages handmade tagliolini that, when simply prepared, rival what you’ll eat in Piemonte’s osterie. The producer is the Langhe’s family-owned Inaudi, which has produced its thinly cut tagliolini with the same exacting standards and uncompromising philosophy since 1971. This approach is evident in the pristine ingredients that go into the tagliolini: six screaming red egg yolks, called i rossi, per kilo of the choicest durum wheat flour.

For years, we’ve enjoyed preparing these tagliolini simply, for example, with butter and porcini, or even pesto, but the pasta’s richness can certainly stand up to even the heartiest ragù. And for a magical experience, you might pair these tagliolini with their spiritual soulmates, shaved white truffle with plenty of melted butter.

A Devoted Following
Over the past thirteen years, we’ve imported literally thousands of cases of Inaudi’s egg tagliolini, winning for it a very loyal following among our customers. And if you haven’t yet experienced its magic, we encourage you to grab a case to enjoy throughout the year, and even into the next.

The pasta comes in quarter-kilo (8.8 ounce) cellophane packages. You get 16 packages in a case for just $125.

Or if you want to be a bit fancier, or want to give a case as a gift, you can buy it with each quarter-kilo package in its own handsome box. The only downside is that you get 12, instead of 16, packages per case.

But either way is a screaming deal. And the pasta will keep for a year or two.

How to Prepare the Pasta
When preparing Inaudi’s egg tagliolini, we make three simple recommendations.

First, don’t overcook the pasta. We recommend about 3 minutes for Inaudi’s pasta—so that it is truly al dente.

Second, don’t skimp on the butter. We recommend a quarter pound of butter for each 8.8 oz. bag of pasta. This produces three to four generous servings.

Lastly, at the end, season to taste with coarsely ground salt to heighten the flavor even more.

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 Inaudi Tagliolini All'Uovo [Egg Pasta] No Box 16 CT. Case 250G 12+* $125.00 add

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