A Gastronomic Marriage Made in Heaven

Recreate dining in Barolo & Barbaresco with Inaudi’s glorious handmade pasta, and preserved truffle products.

The chance to eat fresh white truffles with great Barolo and Barbaresco is, of course, the main reason wine and food lovers visit Piemonte in autumn.

It’s an unbelievable experience, and most return home aching to recreate the truffle experience.

Unfortunately, the closest many of us get is poor-quality, badly stored truffle oils that rely on chemicals to mimic the haunting perfume.

The Truffle Experience At Home
But there is an alternative. In 2003, we used our contacts in Alba’s wine and food community to get introductions to the small firms that supply local restaurants with fresh truffles. We had heard that some of them preserve part of their harvest to make truffle purees, oils and butters, as well as handmade pasta.

We began working with a couple of them, eventually focusing on a single house, Inaudi. Our goal was to offer not only the finest truffle products but also the finest egg tagliolini to go with them. And Inaudi had both.

Six Stellar Products
Inaudi’s egg tagliolini (or tajarin in local dialect) surely ranks among the finest pasta on earth. Finely cut to 1/16, and containing six deep yellow Piemontese egg yolks per kilo of flour, the feeling in the mouth comes eerily close to freshly made pasta, with an intensity of flavor we've seldom encountered.

For preserved truffle products, Inaudi is Piemontes gold standard as well. In our opinion, their crowning achievements are their three truffle creams.  Each is made from a different variety of Alba truffle and is produced by finely grinding truffles into an olive oil base. And, each jar contains a generous 72% of of the named truffle.

We also love Inaudis incredibly versatile truffle butter, a blend of creamery butter with 7% summer black and/or bianchetti truffles. Finally, Inaudiwhite truffle oil is the finest of the genre, avoiding the chemical aromas of many truffle oils.

Inaudi Summer Black Truffle Cream

(Tuber Aestivum)

Summer black truffles grow throughout Europe, including in Piemonte. The least rare of the three types of truffle, they are a worthy substitute when served with plenty of butter on Inaudi’s egg tagliolini.

$16.95  30 gram jar 

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Inaudi Bianchetti White Truffle Cream

(Tuber Albidum Pico)

As the name implies, these white Piemontese truffles are smaller than the classic Alba truffles. On their own, they are also not as perfumed. But when served with a lot of fat (i.e. butter!) the flavor explodes, bringing the two truffles much closer together in taste and perfume.

$26.95 30 gram jar

*Please Call (415) 319-9000 for availability


Inaudi Classic White Alba Truffle Cream

(Tuber Magnatum Pico)

This is the truffle that is coveted the world over. But due to skyrocketing demand, we’ve watched the price of anything made from Alba white truffles double over the past decade. Inaudi’s white truffle cream is the least expensive way to experience this miracle of nature.

$59.95 30 gram jar

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Inaudi Truffle Butter

$22.50 170 gram jar

*Please Call (415) 319-9000 for availability

$42.50  580 gram jar

*Please Call (415) 319-9000 for availability


Inaudi White Truffle Oil 

$18.75 100ml bottle 

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Inaudi Tagliolini all’Uovo
(handmade egg pasta)

There are two great ways to buy Inaudi’s egg tagliolini by the case. One way is with each 8.8 ounce bag sealed in its own cardboard box. You get 12 boxes per case. But you can also buy the pasta without the individual boxes and get four extra bags free per case. The individual boxes are great for gifts. But if you’re a die-hard user like we are, you’ll probably be just as happy with the bags. 

$99.95  per case of twelve 8.8 ounce boxes

*Please Call (415) 319-9000 for availability

$99.95 per case of sixteen 8.8 ounce bags

Getting the Most from these Great Products

You can use these creams individually or in tandem. For example, when we use the summer black truffle cream we sometimes add a little of either of the white truffle creams. You can also combine them with Inaudi’s truffle butter (a small amount of black truffle in a butter base) or Inaudi’s truffle oil.

When using any of these with pasta, we make four recommendations.

First, their natural companion is a thin egg pasta, and if you had to choose just one, we would urge you to use Inaudi egg tagliolini. Produced in small lots, with 6 egg yolks per kilo of flour, these golden 1/16″ strands transcend virtually any prepared pasta you’ve had.

Second, don’t overcook the pasta. We recommend 3 to 4 minutes for Inaudi’s pasta—so that it is truly al dente.

Third, don’t skimp on the butter. We recommend a quarter pound of butter for each 8.8 oz. bag of pasta. This produces three to four generous servings.

Fourth, at the end, season to taste with coarsely ground salt to heighten the flavor even more.

As for the amount of truffle cream to use, that’s also according to taste. For one bag of Inaudi pasta, you should find that 15 to 30 grams of truffle cream will produce a dish of great richness and remarkable Alba truffle character.

Of course, these creams are very versatile and their uses are not limited to pasta. They can be used in any dish that calls for truffles, either cooked or uncooked. And they’re fantastic with eggs.


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