If we're planning to visit Piemonte, most of us choose November or December, when white truffles are at their best. This year, of course, few have had the opportunity. And so we're managing with what we can find at home.

Unless you're lucky enough to have a reliable source of fresh white truffles, most people get by with poor-quality, badly stored truffle oils that rely on chemicals to mimic the haunting perfume. And for pasta, it's usually the wrong stuff, and not even egg-based, which is a key to the truffle marriage.

Fortunately for RWC clients, for the past 18 years, we've used our contacts in Alba’s wine and food community to secure not only the finest handmade pasta available, but creams, oil and butters made from each year's local truffle harvest. We eventually made our way to Inaudi, who makes not only the finest truffle products around, but also the best egg taglioni we've ever tasted outside Italy.

Six Stellar Products
Inaudi’s egg tagliolini
(or tajarin in local dialect) surely ranks among the finest pasta on earth. Finely cut to 1/16", and containing six deep yellow Piemontese egg yolks per kilo of flour, we like it best cooked for exactly 3 minutes. When done right, the texture is eerily close to what you'll eat in Piemonte. It is available in your choice of twelve 8.8 oz. boxes or sixteen 8.8 oz. bags, all for the same price. If it's for yourself, get the bags!

For preserved truffle products, Inaudi is Piemonte's gold standard as well. In our opinion, their crowning achievements are their three truffle creams. Each is made from a different variety of Alba truffle and is produced by finely grinding truffles into an olive oil base. And, each jar contains a generous 72% of the named truffle.

We also love Inaudi's incredibly versatile truffle butter, a blend of creamery butter with 7% summer black and/or bianchetti truffles. Finally, Inaudi's white truffle oil is the finest of the genre, avoiding the chemical aromas of many truffle oils.

Inaudi Tagliolini all’Uovo

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