Has a wine glass ever changed your life? Roberto Conterno's Sensory Glass will.

As the world searches for the perfect wine glass, leave it to one of the world’s greatest winemakers to come up with a design that will make you forget all the others.

We are far from alone in thinking that Roberto Conterno's Sensory Glass is the greatest wine glass yet designed. It's also the most versatile, with one stem transforming not only red wines, but also whites and Champagnes.

Months ago, we stopped thinking about which glass to use for a given wine. And we're still excited to see how Roberto's glass will enhance each new wine we try. At its usual $90 price tag, it's worth every penny and more.

But we can now offer Roberto’s Sensory Glass with overnight shipping included. Buy two stems for just $175, and the cost for 4 stems is just $300, including overnight shipping.

The Glass

Working with his engineer son Gabrielle, Roberto Conterno designed the Sensory Glass to engage all five senses. The glasses are virtually weightless. The bowl has a wide base for maximum exposure of the wine’s surface to air, funneled through a beautifully curved narrowing to a subtle widening at the rim for full expression of aromatics. The 147-year-old firm of Schott Zwiesel hand-crafts each glass to his exacting requirements.

We know of no one who has used the glass who hasn’t concluded that it does in fact show more nuance than any other wine glass made. In fact, using the Sensory Glass for the first time is an epiphany.

We’re true believers, having had the chance over the past couple of years to compare the Sensory Glass against other designs with a vast variety of wines. It's as amazing with a Roulot Meursault or Selosse Lieu-Dit as it is with Monfortino. As it even transforms the humblest of wines, we use it for everything.&nsbp;

We promise you that, whatever your wines of choice, the Sensory Glass will elevate the experience, making every wine texturally more seductive and aromatically more intense. We consider the purchase of at least 2 or 4 Sensory Glasses to be essential for anyone who loves great wine and wants to get the greatest pleasure and excitement from what you drink.


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