Tuscan Royalty

Since the early 1980s, the quality of Fontodi’s top wines has rivaled anything made in Tuscany.  And it should. After all, the wines come from one of Italy’s greatest terroirs: the Conca d’Ora amphitheater in Panzano.
Yet unlikely virtually all of its peers, it is most revered not for its Super Tuscan—in its case “Flaccianello”—but for its towering Chianti Classic Riserva “Vigna del Sorbo.”
And for those who had previously been unaware of Vigna del Sorbo’s greatness, Antonio Galloni clued them in last year with a report on an extensive vertical tasting. Ever since, demand for Vigna del Sorbo has risen sharply—particularly for rare, older bottles from good cellars.
With that mind, we’re honored to be able to offer a pristine vertical 6-pack of great Vigna del Sorbos dating back to 1998. 

A Providential Site

What makes Vigna del Sorbo so coveted is its focus, elegance and class, courtesy of a great terroir. And over the three decades that it has been made, proprietor Giovanni Manetti and famed winemaker Franco Bernabei have captured the singular brilliance of this special plot of land with astonishing consistency.
A southwest-facing slope of prized Galestro soil within the providential Conca d’Ora, Vigna del Sorbo is perfect for Sangiovese. But it's also suitable for Cabernet; so, early on, Manetti and Bernabei grafted over 10% of the vines.
This has proven to be an important factor in Vigna del Sorbo’s exquisite balance, breed and finesse. And, as Galloni’s report indicates, it has consistently displayed these characteristics from the first vintage in 1985.
Within the character of each vintage, the harmony, elegance and sheer beauty of Vigna del Sorbo is always clearly expressed, the hallmark of a truly great terroir and testament to the skill of Manetti and Bernabei.
So, here then is a unique opportunity to explore this great vineyard and this great wine, from youth to glorious maturity. Each bottle in our Vertical 6-Pack has come either directly from the estate or from a fine Europe cellar. It doesn’t get much better.

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Wine barrels in a cellar

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Wine barrels in a cellar

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