A Glorious Chardonnay.

Our series of Mount Mary offers last year underscored the uniqueness of this iconic estate in Australia's Yarra Valley. 

Not only is Quintet arguably the country's most revered Cabernet, its Pinot Noir and Chardonnay are nearly as revered.

We have just received our direct allocation of the 2020s, which we will be offering in the coming months. Having decent quantities of all three wines is no mean feat, as the wines have very rarely been imported into the U.S. But they're not just scarce in America. Demand is so great Down Under that the wines always bear a premium once in the market.

That sets the stage for our offer of the 2020 Mount Mary Chardonnay, which once again is thrilling in its Burgundian soulfulness. Made from four Chardonnay clones grown on a north-facing slope in the cool Yarra Valley, 20% of the fruit is whole-cluster pressed, with the balance crushed and destemmed. Only 30% new wood is used to enhance transparency. The reviews above speak to the wine's towering quality.

The price of the 2020 Chardonnay in Australia currently ranges from a minimum of 133 Australian Dollars to a high of 177. That equates to 100 to 140 U.S. Dollars. Yet, thanks to our direct relationship, we can offer it for a fantastic $79.95 a bottle. 

Echoes of Burgundy
John and Marli Middleton’s choice of a north-facing slope at Lilydale, in the heart of the Yarra Valley, was inspired by multiple trips to Burgundy. It was just about the closest thing to a Burgundian terroir they could find in Australia.

Lilydale’s close proximity to the bay of Port Phillip and the Bass Strait makes for a climate cooled regularly by sea breezes. And its well-drained, grey-brown sandy loam soils over rocky clay, are ideal for the production of harmonious, refined wines of fine structure.

And so, in 1972, they planted a variety of Chardonnay clones, complemented with new blocks of different material in 2008 for even greater complexity. Today, the combined fruit from the two plantings produces a Chardonnay of fabulous citrus-tinged elegance and purity, with great focus and length on the palate, all in perfect balance. 

This is not just one of the great Chardonnays of Australia, it is one of the great Chardonnays of the world. You would be hard-pressed to find this kind of quality at a price this low anywhere else.

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