Toro Albala 1931-1965

Founded in Montilla, in Southern Spain, in 1844, Toro Albalá somehow managed to remain little-known to American collectors for a century and a half. But in the meantime, it built a priceless library of fabulously old, luxuriously sweet wines made from Pedro Ximénez grapes.

It was not until 2013, when Wine Advocate Spain guru Luis Gutiérrez began to bring these wines to world attention, that Toro Albalá was finally recognized for the treasure trove it is. As soon as I read about the wines, I made a beeline to Montilla and spent an entire day at the bodega, tasting through countless barrels. It was one of most exciting days of tasting I’ve had in nearly 40 years of doing this.

Over the past two years, we’ve offered a dizzying number of ancient vintages and even had the privilege of tapping into rarities like the 1934 L. Opimia, of which just one glorious barrel survived and is too rare to have even been reviewed.

Today, very little remains in our collection of these wonderful wines. But we’re not without some treasures. And so we’ve put together a special 6-bottle case that includes the following:

1931 Don PX Seleccion  WA98
1934 Don PX Convento L. Opimio  (too rare to be reviewed)
1946 Don PX Convento WA100
1955 Don PX Convento WA98
1949 Don PX Reserva Especial  WA97
1965 Don PX Seleccion  WA97
But we only have four sets available, so please hurry.

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Wine barrels in a cellar

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Wine barrels in a cellar

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