Cappiello’s Mythic Contratto

Breathtaking copies in two sizes—including the rare two-sheet version

Leonetto Cappiello has long been considered the greatest poster artist of the 20th century

But since the 2004 publication of Jack Rennert’s massive tome on his work, demand for original Cappiello posters has skyrocketed. Among the most sought-after posters has been the famous 1922 Contratto, which Rennert calls “surely among the most spectacular of Cappiello designs.” We have acquired several pristine copies of the original 1922 printing backed on linen in two sizes: the regular 39 x 55 along with a handful in the very rare two-sheet size, measuring 55” x 78”. Prices from dealers start at $3200 and $4300, respectively, and we’ve seen even higher figures at auction! 

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