Barolo’s Bible
Gets an Update

The new expanded edition of Alessandro Masnaghetti’s Barolo MGA Vol. I: The Barolo Great Vineyard Encyclopedia

50 new wineries, 300 new wines and a 36-page deep dive into the geology and soils of Barolo’s great crus.


It’s hard to believe that it’s been three years since Alessandro Masnaghetti revolutionized our knowledge of Barolo with Barolo MGA, The Barolo Great Vineyard Encyclopedia. This now-classic book brought us out of the dark ages in terms of our knowledge and understanding of this greatest of Italian wines.

Alessandro followed with two more landmark works: Barbaresco MGA, The Barbaresco Great Vineyard Encyclopedia (published 2016) and Barolo MGA Vol. II: Vintages, Recent History, Rarities and Much More (published early 2018).

But the original Barolo MGA, The Barolo Great Vineyard Encyclopedia was arguably Alessandro’s greatest accomplishment, and the work that has done so much to elevate the world’s understanding of Barolo. As a compendium of what we know of the vineyards, growers and wines, it has become the go-to book for those of us with a passion for Barolo.

We sold nearly 1000 copies in just the first year of publication. And we’ve been sold out of it for nearly two years, turning down literally hundreds of further requests for copies. But in the meantime, Alessandro was hard at work on revised edition to be published this fall.

Even bigger and better than the original, it is a whopping 464 pages in length (56 more than the 1st edition). And not only have all the maps been updated for  2018, so have the listings of wines and wineries. Production figures are current as of the 2017 harvest.


The Deepest Look Yet at Barolo’s Soils & Geology

Alessandro's new edition will continue to advance the world's knowledge of Barolo. And its most compelling new feature is a lavishly illustrated chapter on the region's geology.

He has long rejected the popular notion that Barolo can be understood by dividing the zone into two parts based on soil. According to Alessandro, who may know more about Barolo’s vineyards than anyone alive, such a division explains very little about why individual crus can have such distinctive character.

And so, working for years with three highly regarded earth scientists, he’s managed the first “complete description of the complex geology of the Barolo production zone.” Even if you own the first edition, you’ll want the second for this chapter alone.

Encyclopedic in its Scope 

The 2nd edition of Barolo MGA, The Barolo Great Vineyard Encyclopedia is the result of a quarter century of study, unlocking the mysteries of why Barolo's soil produces such profound wines. Representing an incredible 11 years of work, it demands a place in the library of anyone who loves Barolo. And that includes owners of the 1st edition.

Barolo MGA includes more than 200 3-D images of the region's vineyards; in-depth analyses of the individual communes; 170 fact sheets on each cru and a directory (with contact information) of growers and producers. In addition, a glossary demystifies over 750 place names, brand names and historic zones. Just one edition is being published, with text in both Italian and English.

Barolo MGA Vol. I
The Great Vineyard Encylcopedia
Newly revised & expanded
by Alessandro Masnaghetti
464 pp, hardcover.*

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