Barolo MGA Volume 2

The Latest Tour de Force
from Alessandro Masnaghetti
A completely new work from the man who brought you Barolo MGA. 

Alessandro Masnaghetti has done it again.

First he provided us with unprecedented detail of Barolo’s vineyards through his commune-by-commune maps.

Then Alessandro published his first reference book on the region—Barolo MGA, The Barolo Great Vineyard Encyclopedia. Truly encyclopedic in scope, it provided Barolo lovers with the most complete information on the region’s complex geography to date, unlocking the mysteries of why Barolo’s terroirs produce such profound wines.

Barolo MGA Volume II

But Alessandro’s energy, curiosity and passion for Barolo is fathomless, and his tireless research has now yielded a second book on the subject—Barolo MGA Vol. II: Vintages, Recent History, Rarities and Much More—covering the evolution of the Barolo region from the early 20th century until today.

The essential companion to the first volume, Barolo MGA Vol II is a fascinating exploration of how Barolo’s area under vine has transformed, both the entire region and particular crus.

Masnaghetti also discusses how changes in climate, yields, clones and viticultural practices have affected the harvest periods of the nebbiolo grapes and crus. And he covers many other subjects as well—some of which have either rarely or never been written about before—making Barolo MGA Vol. II a treasure trove of information for anyone seeking a greater understanding of The King of Wines.

Each topic is covered in extraordinary detail, as we’ve come to expect from Barolo’s greatest contemporary scholar. Once again, we’re reminded what a treasure Alessandro is and why, over the past five years, he has become a wine icon, despite never having made a bottle of wine.

Exhaustively Informative
Barolo MGA Vol. II is a stunningly complete investigation of how both human and environmental influences have shaped Barolo over the past century. Whether providing the first English translation of Lutati’s pathbreaking 1929 On the Delimitation of Wine Zones—or describing in detail the temperatures, rainfall and harvest dates of each vintage since 2000—Alessandro leaves few stones unturned.

He includes an exhaustive cru by cru record of harvest dates from 2007 to 2017. And he digs deeper with historical harvest records of such celebrated producers as Cavallotto (from the 1931 vintage) or Giuseppe Rinaldi (from the 1975 vintage).

Then there’s Alessandro’s first-ever history of Serralunga d’Alba’s Vigna Rionda, which Bruno Giacosa made famous from the 1960s to 1990s with his epic Barolo Collina Rionda. In five maps (1970,  1990, 1997, 2007 and 2017) he tracks the changes both of plots and owners over the years.

Alessandro also looks at changes to Barolo’s wooded areas, a subject of great concern in these days, making some highly interesting discoveries along the way.

The book is accompanied by a folder containing three beautiful, full-color, large-format maps. The first two are of the entire Barolo MGA in the years 1970 and 2017, encompassing the period of greatest change in the region’s history. The third large-format map displays harvest periods for each cru, color-coded from very early to late ripening.

The book itself contains a number of colored maps and charts.

Barolo MGA Vol. II is the same size as Alessandro’s earlier Barolo and Barbaresco books—designed to accompany them on your bookshelf.

Alessandro Masnaghetti’s work has been praised by journalists and publications ranging from Antonio Galloni and Jancis Robinson to John Gilman and the Wine Spectator. It’s no wonder his vineyard maps have been called the finest ever created and his books demonstrate that he is just as skilled with prose as he is with vineyard mapping.

The Rare Wine Co. has represented Alessandro Masnaghetti as the sole U.S. agent for his European maps and books for nearly a decade. And so it is a particular honor for us to be able to offer Barolo MGA Vol. II, as well as a few that are personally signed by Alessandro.

The very first printing of Barolo Vol. II has arrived in the USA and is available for immediate shipment.

Barolo MGA Vol. II 
by Alessandro Masnaghetti
284 pp, hardcover.*


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