Tuesday, May 20, 2014 at Bar Boulud, New York, New York

A protegée of Noël Verset’s, Thiérry Allemand is surely the most important new grower to emerge in the past 30 years in the Northern Rhône. And, in part due to their tiny production, his wines are also the most intensely collected.

You will not, for example, find a single bottle of pre-2007 Allemand Cornas for sale in the U.S. (other than through RWC).

On May 20, at Bar Boulud in New York, we will co-host the first of two unprecedented dinners exploring Allemand’s career, including painfully rare early bottles from 1989 to 1991. Our co-host will be Michael Madrigale, Bar Boulud’s widely admired wine director, pictured above. Last year, Michael partnered with us in our acclaimed Rhône Giants series—Gentaz, Verset, Clape, Jamet, and Jasmin.   

Thiérry Allemand, Part One

On May 20, we begin our two-part retrospective with a look at the period before Thiérry fully launched into domaine bottling in 1991. At this time, Thiérry was selling most of his production to negociants, but he did make a small amount of blended Cornas in 1989 and 1990wines so rare that most articles on Allemand don’t even note their existence.

Next, we will revisit the entire history of Thiérry’s Cornas Chaillot, from its first vintage in 1991 through 2010. In all, we will taste 13 different vintages, including virtually all of the high-spot years.

The cost of the dinner, with all wines, gratuity and taxes is $595. However, we have only two spaces still remaining (as of May 6). So please put in your request quickly. 

The Details

The Place:
Bar Boulud
1900 Broadway
New York, NY 10023
(212) 595-0303

The Time
6:30 pm for Champagne, 7 pm sit-down

The Cost
$595 including dinner, wines, tax and gratuity

The Lineup
1989  Allemand  Cornas
1990  Allemand  Cornas
1991  Allemand  Cornas  Les Chaillots
1994  Allemand  Cornas  Les Chaillots
1995  Allemand  Cornas  Les Chaillots
1999  Allemand  Cornas  Les Chaillots
2000  Allemand  Cornas  Les Chaillots
2001  Allemand  Cornas  Les Chaillots
2004  Allemand  Cornas  Les Chaillots
2005  Allemand  Cornas  Les Chaillots
2006  Allemand  Cornas  Les Chaillots
2007  Allemand  Cornas  Les Chaillots
2008  Allemand  Cornas  Les Chaillots
2009  Allemand  Cornas  Les Chaillots
2010  Allemand  Cornas  Les Chaillots


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Description Notes Avail/
1998 Thierry Allemand Cornas Chaillot ST92 1 $545.00 add
2011 Thierry Allemand Cornas Chaillot JLL****(*) 1 $359.00 add
2014 Thierry Allemand Cornas Chaillot 1.5 L JR93-95
2 $675.00 add
2001 Thierry Allemand Cornas Reynard JLL**** 1 $625.00 add
2010 Thierry Allemand Cornas Reynard JLL****** 1 $545.00 add
2011 Thierry Allemand Cornas Reynard JLL*****
10 $365.00 add
2013 Thierry Allemand Cornas Reynard JR95
3 $395.00 add
2016 Thierry Allemand Cornas Reynard JR96-98 2 $435.00 add
2016 Thierry Allemand Cornas Reynard 1.5 L JR96-98 1 $899.00 add

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