Our Reference Points

Since 1989, American wine lovers have prized The Rare Wine Co. as one of the country’s most enduring sources of great and rare wines.   Producers noted withare represented exclusively in the U.S. or California by The Rare Wine Co. Expand for more

No U.S. wine merchant possesses a cellar so rich in history. Throughout our library, our reverence for perfectly aged wines and great winemaking families is evident. Equally clear is our belief in the world’s noblest winemaking traditions, many of which are today threatened with extinction.

We are honored to represent, for either California or the United States, some of Europe’s most revered producers. But we also find our inspiration in several dozen other iconic producers, whose wines are essential to understanding what great wine is all about. We’re delighted to present here a searchable guide to many of them—and the traditions they represent.

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