D’Oliveira is one of the greatest of the classic Madeira shippers, and one of the few to survive from the pre-phylloxera era. Founded in 1850, and an amalgamation of firms dating back to 1820, it is today housed in cellars that date from 1619. This small jewel of a company has always be owned by the DOliviera family, who were once highly important growers in the parish of São Martinho.

Its stocks of old wines have grown over time, either through marriage with other wine-producing families, or by the purchase of other old firms. But the foundation for its unparalleled library of ancient vintages was laid by wines made by the family itself, from its legendary vineyards in São Martinho.

Ancient Wines

No other company on the island can boast such a wealth of great old Madeiras. These include five monumental Verdelhos from the familys own São Martinho vineyards, vintaged in 1850, 1890, 1900, 1905 and 1912. There are no finer examples of mature Verdelho in existence today.

Digging into the DOliveiras library, we can also find profound Malvasias (a.k.a. Malmseys) from 1875, 1895, 1900 and 1907; Buals from 1903, 1908 and 1922; and Sercials from 1862, 1875, 1910 and 1937. The family also boasts superb examples of two very rare grape varieties: Terrantez (1880) and Moscatel (1875 and 1900.)

Immensely Powerful Wines

Over the years, it has been our privilege to take part in many comprehensive tastings of DOliveira vintages. There is a definite “house style” to these wines. They have very powerful aromatics, great lushness and viscosity, incredible structure, and a tangy character that is essential to great Madeira.

Its no wonder that others in the Madeira trade consider these to be supreme examples of classic Madeira. In fact, during the 1970s and 1980s, when the Madeira Wine Co. (Blandys, Cossart, etc.) was beginning to run low on old vintages to sell, it was to DOliveira that they turned.

Like Barbeito, DOliveira believes that Madeiras age best in cask. Consequently, its old vintages are kept in wood, and only enough is bottled to meet short-term needs.

Adegas do Torreão

In the early 2000s, DOliveira had the good fortune to absorb a smaller house, Adegas do Torreão, whose legendary owner, Vasco Loja, had recently passed away. Like DOliveira, Loja supplied Madeiras to the major shippers. At the time of his death, his firm owned little bottled Madeira, but he did have some incredible wine still in barrel.

By buying Lojas stocks, DOliveira made several important additions to its portfolio, including a classic 1969 Sercial and one of the few examples of vintage Bastardo still in existence, from 1927.

More Recent Vintages

While DOliveira has many great old Madeiras, it also possesses one of the most impressive stocks of relatively young Vintage Madeiras, made since the 1960s. These stocks reassure us that, 50 years from now, just as today, DOliveira will be the reference point for Vintage Madeira.

Wines by this Producer

Description Notes Avail/
NV D'Oliveira 10-year-old Sweet Madeira 500 mL 12+ $19.95 add
NV D'Oliveira 15-year-old Sweet Madeira 12 $54.95 add
1903 D'Oliveira Bual Madeira AL*****
6 $895.00 add
1968 D'Oliveira Bual Madeira WS96
6 $350.00 add
1977 D'Oliveira Bual Madeira AG94 12 $235.00 add
1982 D'Oliveira Bual Madeira 12 $209.95 add
1984 D'Oliveira Bual Madeira 12 $195.00 add
1987 D'Oliveira Bual Madeira 12 $175.00 add
1992 D'Oliveira Bual Madeira 12 $135.00 add
1990 D'Oliveira Malvasia Madeira JG94 6 $149.95 add
1994 D'Oliveira Malvasia Madeira 12 $125.00 add
1900 D'Oliveira Moscatel Madeira (Family Reserve, Stenciled) WS97
3 $945.00 add
1928 D'Oliveira Sercial Madeira NM94 12 $795.00 add
1937 D'Oliveira Sercial Madeira JG97 12 $595.00 add
1969 D'Oliveira Sercial Madeira JG94+
12 $295.00 add
1977 D'Oliveira Sercial Madeira WS93 12 $229.95 add
1989 D'Oliveira Sercial Madeira JG92 12 $149.95 add
1971 D'Oliveira Terrantez Madeira WS96
12 $365.00 add
1977 D'Oliveira Terrantez Madeira WFW96 12 $285.00 add
1978 D'Oliveira Terrantez Madeira 12 $249.95 add
1988 D'Oliveira Terrantez Madeira AG93 12 $175.00 add
1995 D'Oliveira Tinta Negra Medium Dry Madeira 12 $119.95 add
1929 D'Oliveira Tinta Negra Medium Sweet Madeira 12 $725.00 add
1929 D'Oliveira Tinta Negra Sweet Madeira 6 $725.00 add
1900 D'Oliveira Verdelho Madeira (Family Reserve) NM95 6 $995.00 add
1905 D'Oliveira Verdelho Madeira (Family Reserve) WS98
6 $695.00 add
1912 D'Oliveira Verdelho Madeira (Family Reserve) JG98
6 $995.00 add
1932 D'Oliveira Verdelho Madeira 6 $715.00 add
1973 D'Oliveira Verdelho Madeira AG93 12 $275.00 add
1981 D'Oliveira Verdelho Madeira 12 $209.95 add
1986 D'Oliveira Verdelho Madeira 12 $195.00 add
1994 D'Oliveira Verdelho Madeira JG92
12 $125.00 add

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