1880 D'Oliveira Terrantez Madeira (Family Reserve)

A Rare Wine Co. Import
  • RH97

When Phylloxera arrived in Madeira in 1875, it changed the island forever. It not only devoured its vineyards, it led to the disappearance of some important grape varieties. But none of the losses can compare to losing Terrantez, which produced many of our favorite Madeiras. Its flavor and textural dimensions are unique, providing the rapier dryness of Sercial, with the richness of a great Bual. For sheer magnificence, there was really nothing like it.

This 1880 Terrantez from D'Oliveira is one of the noble survivors. Our friend and Madeira expert Roy Hersh posted this note on his website: “97 rating. An aromatically stunning example of the Terrantez grape, with singed caramel, clove, pecan nuttiness and essence of key lime—concentrated yet not heavy. The bracing acidity in this wine exemplifies Terrantez' power and delicacy magically aligned. An enchanting multi-layered mélange of complex flavors prevails with a scintillating aftertaste of great length.”

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Wine barrels in a cellar

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