Descendientes de J. Palacios

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During the late 1980’s, Alvaro Palacios travelled his native Spain selling French barriques to winemakers. But his journeys had a second purpose: to find the best place to achieve his goal of making Spain’s greatest wine.

He ultimately decided, in 1990, on Priorat, where he would achieve worldwide fame with “L'Ermita” and “Finca Dofi.” But there had been a close contender: Bierzo. It had all the ingredients that Alvaro wanted-incredibly steep hillside vineyards, distinctive terroirs and, most importantly, ancient vineyards of Mencía—a unique red grape believed brought by French pilgrims during the Middle Ages.

In Pursuit of the Dream

The idea of making great wine from old-vine Mencía never left Alvaro, and his experience in Priorat-particularly with L'Ermita-convinced him of Bierzo's enormous potential. Meanwhile, his nephew Ricardo Perez had finished enological studies in Bordeaux and was travelling across France-absorbing everything he could about great wines. He worked the harvest at Château Margaux, and did internships at other Bordelais firms like Moueix (Pétrus, Trotanoy, etc.). He also visited Alvaro frequently and came to share a belief in Bierzo's potential. In 1998, the two decided on a joint venture and set out in search of the region's finest old vineyards.

Assembling the Pieces 

Alvaro and Ricardo found promising sites in a number of villages but shortly came to believe that the greatest potential lay in a little town on Bierzo's western border named Corullón. Old vineyards lined the precipitous hillsides there, and the local soils were extremely poor-composed mostly of schist-but with incredible diversity. The minute variations in soils and exposures across this zone immediately reminded the two of Burgundy's Côte d'Or, or Piedmont's Langhe hills. In Corullón, Alvaro and Ricardo believe they have found a unique combination of soils, old vines, and a distinctive variety that will yield their own grands crus. Beginning with 2001, the estate began to make their case with individual vineyard bottlings.

The winery is dedicated to Alvaro's father, and Ricardo's grandfather, who passed away in early 2000. The wines are a worthy tribute to the man who inspired them.

Up to seven wines are made. The first, Pétalos del Bierzo,  is assembled from old hillside and hilltop vines from across Bierzo's western edge. The wine is vinified for immediate appeal, but it retains the estate's signature finesse and restraint.

Corullón is an assemblage from old-vine parcels in and around this town. Its combination of generosity and precision makes a case not only for Corullón's special status, but also the superiority of Alvaro's and Ricardo's winemaking.

The estate also produces up to four extraordinary single-vineyard wines: San Martin, Moncerbal, Las Lamas and La Faraona. Each is a distinctive expression of a remarkable and compelling terroir.

Technical Information


Established: 1998 (First Vintage: 1999)
Proprietors & Winemakers: Ricardo Perez and Alvaro Palacios
Location: Bierzo is located in Spain’s relatively cool northwestern corner. The best vineyards - located around the town of Corullon - are located on steep hillsides in the mountains on the western boundary of Bierzo.


Soils: A mix of rocky, slate vineyards on steep slopes.
Appellation: DO Bierzo
Elevation: 500 to 950 meters above sea level
Harvest: by hand
Avg. Yields: Less than 25 hL/hA
Climate: Continental, but with an important Atlantic influence.
Oak Aging: A mix of barrique, demi-muid, and large cask is employed. New wood usage varies by year, with more in warm vintages and less in classic years.


  • No filtration or fining
  • Harvesting by hand, with a varying percent of stems used each year.
  • Maceration: 25-35 days
  • Fermentation in open top fermenters
  • Biodynamic viticulture.
  • Vineyards worked by hand and mule.


  Fruit Source Blend Oak Aging Avg Yields Prod

Petalos del Bierzo

50% of the fruit comes from slate vineyards in Corullon, and the other 50% is selected from hill crest vineyards in surrounding towns.

95% Mencia, 3% white varieties, and 2% other red varieties.

10 months in large oak tanks.


30,000 cases

Bierzo “Corullon”

Over 200 small estate parcels throughout the municipality of Corullon.

97% Mencia & 3% white varieties.


14.5 hl/ha

1,500 cases

Bierzo “Moncerbal”

Selected from an extremely steep, southwest facing vineyard. 610-750M in elevation.

98% Mencia & 2% white varieties.


10.5 hl/ha

175 cases


Limited-production cuvées from parcels with singular terroirs in Corullon.

  Fruit Source Blend Avg Yields Prod

Bierzo “Las Lamas”

Selected from an extremely steep, south facing vineyard. 670-730M in elevation.

98% Mencia & 2% Alicante Bouschet.

13.5 hl/ha

185 cases

Bierzo “La Faraona”

Highest vineyard in Corullon (855 M). Schist w/sandstone and volcanic minerals. SE facing.

100% Mencia

6.2 hl/ha

65 cases

Bierzo “Moncerbal”

Selected from an extremely steep, southwest facing vineyard. 610-750M in elevation.

98% Mencia & 2% white varieties.

10.5 hl/ha

175 cases


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