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Description Notes Avail/
1886 Afonso Malvasia Madeira (Barbeito Bottled 2019) 2 $1,095.00 add
1982 Barbeito Bual Madeira JROB18.5/20 2 $249.95 add
1995 Barbeito Bual Madeira (stenciled) 6 $145.00 add
2008 Barbeito Canteiro Single Harvest Medium Dry Madeira 500 mL 12 $39.95 add
NV Barbeito Malvasia 20-year-old Madeira (2018 Release) 6 $159.95 add
NV Barbeito Malvasia 20-year-old Madeira (2014 Release) JG92 6 $175.00 add
1986 Barbeito Malvasia Candida Faja dos Padres Madeira 3 $395.00 add
1990 Barbeito Malvasia Candida Faja dos Padres Madeira 500 mL 3 $295.00 add
1953 Barbeito Malvasia Favilla Vieira Madeira (bottled 4/2013) 1 $595.00 add
1834 Barbeito Malvasia Madeira (stenciled) RP98
1 $1,950.00 add
1875 Barbeito Malvasia Madeira (MBV, stenciled) TA100
1 $1,495.00 add
1954 Barbeito Malvasia Madeira (Bottled 4/2011) AG95 1 $595.00 add
1910 Barbeito Sercial Madeira (stenciled) NM97
1 $845.00 add
1956 Barbeito Sercial Madeira (Bottled 4/2011) 1 $595.00 add
NV Barbeito Tinta Negra 20-year-old Medium Sweet Madeira Ribeiro Real 12 $165.00 add
1996 Barbeito Tinta Negra Colheita Medium Sweet Madeira Ribeiro Real (Medium Sweet) 4 $125.00 add
1926 Barbeito Verdelho Madeira (bottled 03/2010) ST95 1 $645.00 add
1958 Blandy's Bual Madeira (demijohn selection, bottled 2013) 1 $595.00 add
1941 Cossart Gordon Bual Madeira 1 $1,050.00 add
1880 CVM Malvasia Madeira 1 $1,450.00 add
NV D'Oliveira 10-year-old Sweet Madeira 500 mL 12+ $19.95 add
NV D'Oliveira 15-year-old Sweet Madeira 12 $54.95 add
1903 D'Oliveira Bual Madeira AL*****
6 $895.00 add
1968 D'Oliveira Bual Madeira WS96
6 $350.00 add
1977 D'Oliveira Bual Madeira AG94 12 $235.00 add
1982 D'Oliveira Bual Madeira 12 $209.95 add
1984 D'Oliveira Bual Madeira 12 $195.00 add
1987 D'Oliveira Bual Madeira 12 $175.00 add
1992 D'Oliveira Bual Madeira 12 $135.00 add
1990 D'Oliveira Malvasia Madeira JG94 6 $149.95 add
1994 D'Oliveira Malvasia Madeira 12 $125.00 add
1900 D'Oliveira Moscatel Madeira (Family Reserve, Stenciled) WS97
3 $945.00 add
1928 D'Oliveira Sercial Madeira NM94 12 $795.00 add
1937 D'Oliveira Sercial Madeira JG97 12 $595.00 add
1969 D'Oliveira Sercial Madeira JG94+
12 $295.00 add
1977 D'Oliveira Sercial Madeira WS93 12 $229.95 add
1989 D'Oliveira Sercial Madeira JG92 12 $149.95 add
1971 D'Oliveira Terrantez Madeira WS96
12 $365.00 add
1977 D'Oliveira Terrantez Madeira WFW96 12 $285.00 add
1978 D'Oliveira Terrantez Madeira 12 $249.95 add
1988 D'Oliveira Terrantez Madeira AG93 12 $175.00 add
1995 D'Oliveira Tinta Negra Medium Dry Madeira 12 $119.95 add
1929 D'Oliveira Tinta Negra Medium Sweet Madeira 12 $725.00 add
1929 D'Oliveira Tinta Negra Sweet Madeira 6 $725.00 add
1890 D'Oliveira Verdelho Madeira NM96
3 $1,095.00 add
1900 D'Oliveira Verdelho Madeira (Family Reserve) NM95 6 $995.00 add
1905 D'Oliveira Verdelho Madeira (Family Reserve) WS98
6 $695.00 add
1912 D'Oliveira Verdelho Madeira (Family Reserve) JG98
6 $995.00 add
1932 D'Oliveira Verdelho Madeira 6 $715.00 add
1973 D'Oliveira Verdelho Madeira AG93 12 $275.00 add
1981 D'Oliveira Verdelho Madeira 12 $209.95 add
1986 D'Oliveira Verdelho Madeira 12 $195.00 add
1994 D'Oliveira Verdelho Madeira JG92
12 $125.00 add
NV Henriques & Henriques W.S. Boal Madeira (J. Cossart Collection) 1 $2,250.00 add
NV A.G. Pacheco Madeira (Leacock Collection) 1 $895.00 add
NV Rare Wine Co. Historic Series Baltimore Rainwater Madeira JG93 12+ $49.95 add
NV Rare Wine Co. Historic Series Boston Bual Madeira JR92
12+ $49.95 add
NV Rare Wine Co. Historic Series Charleston Sercial Madeira JG94
12+ $49.95 add
NV Rare Wine Co. Historic Series George Washington Special Reserve Madeira 6 $69.95 add
NV Rare Wine Co. Historic Series New York Malmsey Madeira JR92
12+ $49.95 add
NV Rare Wine Co. Historic Series Savannah Verdelho Madeira JR93
12+ $49.95 add
NV Rare Wine Co. Historic Series Thomas Jefferson Special Reserve Madeira JG95+ 2 $74.95 add
NV Unknown Producer J. Nunes Pereira Moscatel Madeira (da Silva Collection) 1 $575.00 add
NV Unknown Producer Padre Madeira c 1940s (da Silva Collection) 1 $295.00 add
1885 Unknown Producer Verdelho Madeira 1 $895.00 add
NV Veiga Franca Malmsey Solera (Estimated 1930) 1 $450.00 add

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A Family's Odyssey: Barbeito Madeira

An unprecedented journey across 174 years of Barbeito Madeiras. A Family's Odyssey: Barbeito Madeira

Matriarch of Madeira: Manuela Barbeito

A dinner focusing on the Madeiras of Manuela Barbeito.

End of the Line

There are tastings … and then there are tastings. Here are two that stood apart from all others for their quality and history. End of the Line

Madeira Wine

Mannie Berk writes about Madeira's stature as a wine of time & place.

Madeira & Food: An Old Frontier

Exploration by chefs and writers triggers a growing appreciation of Madeira as food wine. Madeira & Food: An Old Frontier

Turning Point for Madeira

Raynolds touts the Historic Series' release as a turning point for Madeira in the USA. Turning Point for Madeira

Madeira 1795 To Today

Neal Martin (re)-discovers Madeira and determines it is entering a new golden age. Madeira 1795 To Today

Madeira, a holiday treat, enjoying revival

Jon Bonné lauds Madeira’s exceptional versatility at the table. Madeira, a holiday treat, enjoying revival

The Benchmark Offerings of Non-Vintage Madeiras

“… (RWC's Historic Series) set the bar as benchmark offerings of non-vintage Madeiras…” The Benchmark Offerings of Non-Vintage Madeiras

Forbes discovers RWC's back catalog of old Madeiras.

Forbes discovers RWC's back catalog of old Madeiras. Forbes discovers RWC's back catalog of old Madeiras.

Best Source for Vintage Madeira in the US

“The Rare Wine Co., renowned for being the best source of vintage Madeira in the U.S.” Best Source for Vintage Madeira in the US

Tying Madeira to the Founding Fathers

The Journal offers a US history lesson, tying Madeira to the founding fathers. Tying Madeira to the Founding Fathers

Madeira on the Airwaves

Mannie Berk talks Madeira on National Public Radio’s All Things Considered. Madeira on the Airwaves

J.P. Morgan’s Favored Madeiras Make Comeback

Elin McCoy experiences for herself what drives collectors of Madeira. J.P. Morgan’s Favored Madeiras Make Comeback

The Great Specialist of Madeira Wines

Robert Parker calls Mannie Berk "the great specialist of [Madeira] wines." The Great Specialist of Madeira Wines

Scaffidi Turns to the RWC to Build Madeira Program

To build his Madeira program, The Jefferson's Michael Scaffidi "sought out the legendary Mannie Berk." Scaffidi Turns to the RWC to Build Madeira Program

Why Madeira Is The Next Great Thing In Wine

Forbes on Madeira's "much-deserved renaissance" in the United States. Why Madeira Is The Next Great Thing In Wine

Learning to Port When You Really Need Madeira

William McIlhenny talks about an appropriate time for Madeira and the wine's comeback. Learning to Port When You Really Need Madeira

Accessibly Priced Line of Historic Madeiras

Jon Erickson extols the accessibility of RWC Historic Series Madeira. Accessibly Priced Line of Historic Madeiras

Notes from the Leacock Family Madeira Tastings

Notes from guests at two June 2009 Madeira tastings. Notes from the Leacock Family Madeira Tastings

America’s First Wine

The founding fathers may have later learned to love Champagne, Claret, and Sauternes, but in 1776 they drank Madeira. America’s First Wine

Rain and Money

A discussion of the effects of mother nature and capitalism on Madeira's oldest vineyards.
Rain and Money

The Game Changer 

2010 was the year that Madeira finally dusted itself off, recapturing some of the lofty prestige it enjoyed two centuries ago. The Game Changer

Prologue to a Tasting

Like a vinous Howard Carter, Greg recounts his experience opening and decanting all the bottles for the Leacock Madeira Tasting.

The Finest Retail Source in the U.S.

Bob Parker calls RWC “The finest retail source in the U.S. for authentic Madeira.” The Finest Retail Source in the U.S.

Hey, Tea Partiers, This Wine's for You!

Mike Steinberger finds the missing link in America's political discourse: Madeira. Hey, Tea Partiers, This Wine's for You!

Food & Wine

Pete Wells finds RWC's range of old Madeira “extraordinary.”

Food & Wine

“Mannie Berk of The Rare Wine Company lives up to his moniker, Mr. Madeira…” Food & Wine

The Wine Spectator

... highlights RWCs Madeira scholarship and collection of old documents. The Wine Spectator

A Brighter Future for a Wine With a Past

Frank J. Prial chats with Mannie Berk about the storied history of Madeira. A Brighter Future for a Wine With a Past

George Washington's Drink of Choice

Jed Portman writes about Madeira's fascinating history in early America. George Washington's Drink of Choice

A Historic Sip

Chicago Tribune: Madeira, “the Doctor Who of wine.” A Historic Sip

Vintage Madeira

Our introduction to one of the world’s most majestic wines. Vintage Madeira

Madeira Struck by Devastating Floods

The greatest floods in 207 years strike an important wine-producing island. Madeira Struck by Devastating Floods

Homage to a Madeira Great

The 25th anniversary of Mario Barbeito's death was an opportunity to honor his imagination and courage. Homage to a Madeira Great

Hey, Tea Partiers, This Wine's for You!

Mike Steinberger finds the missing link in America's political discourse: Madeira. Hey, Tea Partiers, This Wine's for You!

Falling For Madeira

A vertical tasting of older Leacock wines seduces Alice Feiring. Falling For Madeira

A Madeira, My Dear?

The Robb Report identifies RWC as a “best bet.” A Madeira, My Dear?

A Trip Through Time

A dinner exploring Madeira’s incredible history in America.

Wine & Art Converge

An extraordinary afternoon of great wines, vintage posters, and special guests. Wine & Art Converge

The Grandeur of Old Rioja

A tasting of old Riojas paired with a special menu in San Francisco. The Grandeur of Old Rioja

A Nip in the Air? Bring On the Madeira

Paul Enbund's offers his personal recommendations for how best to enjoy Madeira. A Nip in the Air? Bring On the Madeira

The Best American Source of Old Madeiras

Stephen Tanzer identifies RWC as “the best American source of old Madeiras.” The Best American Source of Old Madeiras

Madeira’s Long Engagement with the Lowcountry

Matt and Ted Lee discuss Madeira, their family, and Southern drink culture.

The John Cossart Collection

The late John Cossart left behind a priceless collection of old Madeiras as his family’s legacy. The John Cossart Collection

Smitten by a Sip

John T. Edge is taken by our Historic Series Madeiras.
Smitten by a Sip

A Heroic Undertaking

Mannie Berk reviews David Hancock’s recent book on Madeira “Oceans of Wine.” A Heroic Undertaking

Haiti & Madeira Benefits

The remarkable generosity of Eleven Madison Park and Acquerello sets the tone for two charitable evenings. Haiti & Madeira Benefits

Care of Old Wine

A mature wine can be simply magical—here are some steps to allow the wine to show at its best. Care of Old Wine

Reflections on 20 Years

A look back at the events since our founding can either be entertaining or depressing, depending on your point of view.

RWC Newsletter Celebrates 300th Issue

Our newsletter celebrates its 300th issue.

High Praise for RWC

High praise for RWC's prowess uncovering new winemakers and hard-to-find bottlings. High Praise for RWC


... calls RWC the place to find selections of character. Bloomberg

Food & Wine

The folks at F&W find it difficult to pick just one bottle from the RWC catalog. Food & Wine

A New Course for Dessert Wine

Eric Asimov delights in an atypical pairing of RWC Maderias with skirt steak. A New Course for Dessert Wine

More Wine Memories From 2009

Jon Bonne discusses some of the most memorable wines he tasted in 2009. More Wine Memories From 2009

Townsend a worthy refined French cuisine restaurant

Craig LaBan, food critic for the Philiadelphia Inquirer, reviews Townsend, a new Philly restaurant. Townsend a worthy refined French cuisine restaurant

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