Until 2005, one Tuscan wine had existed in name only for American wine lovers. Bottled exclusively in magnum, only two enotecas (out of a thousand or more) in Tuscany get any, and restaurant allocations are limited to the likes of Florence’s Il Cibreo, and Paris’ 3-star L’Ambroisie.

Members of Florence's elite Teatro del Sale can buy one magnum per year, a privilege handed down from generation to generation. And, in 2005, we were fortunate to be named the U.S. agent for the estate.

A Unique Clone

The wine is Il Caberlot, and its fascinating story doesn't end with its scarcity and desirability. It, and its second label Carnasciale, are the only wines in the world made from a mysterious clone discovered four decades ago near Verona. Named "Caberlot," the grape has characteristics of both Cabernet and Merlot—hence its name.

Caberlot's discoverer-agronomist Remigio Bordini- has allowed the vine to be planted just one place outside his nursery: at Wolf and Bettina Rogosky's Tuscan estate, Il Carnasciale. The vineyard lies atop a rocky, south-facing bluff that towers above Tuscany's Arno river. Famed enologist Vittorio Fiore discovered this providential site in 1986.

To limit yields, Fiore advised the Rogoskys to plant at a then-revolutionary 10,000 vines per hectare and to prune to a mere five clusters per plant. As if to presage Il Caberlots future, the Rogoskys buried a bottle of Sassicaia under the first vine.

From the first vintage, 1988, Il Caberlot has been a huge cult wine in Europe, its scarcity driven by nature and the vineyard’s size of less than an acre. Wolf Rogosky passed away in 1996, but Bettina has carried on the work with her winemaker, Peter Schilling. With time, more vines have been planted, but production remains miniscule. The wine is still bottled by hand, and is held for two years before release. Bettina Rogosky hand-numbers each label. A second wine, made from younger vines and named "Carnasciale," was introduced in 2000.

Il Caberlot

Il Caberlot boasts an extraordinary perfume, sleek texture and great elegance. Boasting nuances of Graves, Pomerol, and Il Carnasciales unique terroir, it ranks among the planet's most singular wines. Carnasciale is a perfect example of a second wine. It mirrors its sibling perfectly, on a slightly smaller scale.

Technical Information


First Vintage: 1988
First Vintage Exported to the U.S.: 2001
Proprietor: Bettina & Moritz Rogosky
Winemaker: Peter Schilling & Marco Maffei

The estate’s principal wine, Il Caberlot, and its second wine, Carnasciale, are the only wines in the world made from a mysterious clone discovered 50 years ago in a nursery near Verona. Named Caberlot, the grape has characteristics of both Cabernet Franc and Merlot.

The top cuvee, Il Caberlot, is bottled exclusively in magnum. With a miniscule production, Il Caberlot continues to be one of the most sought-after Tuscan wines for collectors around the world.


Vineyards: Four parcels of vines totaling 3 hA. The original site (0.3 hA) is located at 430m elevation, while three younger vineyards (0.7, 1.0 and 0,9 hA) are planted between 200m and 250m. Vine spacing is a revolutionary (for Tuscany) 10,000 vines per hectare. A new plot was planted in 2013.
Soils: The original site is iron-rich clay, while the three newer sites lie on a combination of chalky clay, sand and rock.
Zone: The estate is located at the divide between the Arno and Ambra river valleys. This crest protects Il Carnasciale from rains, making it one of the driest and best ventilated sites in Tuscany.


All treatments in the vineyard are natural and follow the principles of organic farming. All work in the cellar is manual and minimally-invasive. Grapes are hand-picked and destemmed before undergoing a fermentation and maceration of 8-10 days. The wines are aged in barriques and fûts from Burgundy, 60% new, over a period of 22 months prior to bottling by hand. No filtration is employed. Il Caberlot matures 16 additional months in bottle before release, while Carnasciale is released after 6 months in bottle.


  Avg. Yields Avg. Production


25-30 hL/hA

5 to 6,000 - 0,75l bottles (Note: Carnasciale is a barrel selection of wines deemed more fruit-driven, accessible, and ready to be drunk sooner.

Il Caberlot

25-30 hL/hA

3,000 Magnums


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